UNU and it’s best product

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UNU is doing an amazing thing. I think everybody should support them. What they were doing spreading and amazing electrical scooter that allows people to travel without using any fossil fuels. Without polluting at all. Pollution is a major problem in the world today and it’s something that is hard to take action and doing. It’s hard to live without creating excess waste. This is a good way to cut that down. If you live in a city, specifically in Germany or around Germany, I would be getting one of these right away. I really hope that they make their way across the sea, because I would love to have one myself. Basically, they run a battery that you can charge through your wall. If you are running solar electricity or anything like that, and using that electricity these can be completely carbon neutral. There’s too much carbon in the environment, and if we can cut away from our exhaust pollution comma we will have a better world, and we will be leaving a better world for our children and their children, it cetera. So I think that it is necessary that we start taking measures to impact the way that we are impacting the world, and buying one of these scooters and using it as our vehicle would be an amazing way to start. Unfortunately, they are only effective in the city, but if you were living in the city, I would be crunching the numbers. It is possible that buying one of these could be more affordable than public transit over a year, and certainly more affordable than a car that uses gas…. Wish I could elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)