The Heart Book

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The Heart Book

The heart book is not a new invention resembling the widely known social network. It is a real book dated back in 1510. The heart images on the shape of the book refer to romantic love. On this article, we will tell you all there is to know about the heart book.



The heart book is dated back in the sixteenth century. The book is Danish, and it is currently kept in Copenhagen’s Library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek). The book itself is a curiosity. It is one of the most exotic heart images you’ll ever find. It has the shape of a heart. The author is unknown, and so is the full story of the book.



The hearth book is a collection of love ballads. It includes 83 excellent examples of written heart images that resemble love. The collection was done during the reign of King Christian III of Denmark. The King is known for establishing the Lutheran religion in his country and for supporting the Protestant reforms of the time.

The hearth book is known to be the oldest book featuring ballads in Denmark. The love ballads were written in an earlier time, and it is supposed they come from different authors. However, there is no evidence of who wrote the ballads or to whom they are dedicated.


The Literature at the time

The Lutheran Reformation opened the doors to a transformation in literature too. Denmark, in particular, was prone of new authors who were adding richness to the cultural background of the country. Most of all the time in which the heart images of the heart book was created has excellent examples of poetry.

Another type of literature includes biblical allusions like the Hexaemeron. The rivalries and political stress were also inspiring for the actual writers of the time. Remembered Woes, for example, published Jammersminide.

Another narration of the political issues that the country experienced can be found in Leonora Christina of the Blue Tower. This book is of particular importance because despite it was written between 1673 and 1698, it was actually published two hundred years later (1869). The tense political climate was the reason why this and other books of the time were hidden. Some of them saw the light and were officially published years later, when things had smooth down, while others were destroyed. The Heart Book is a survivor of that time.