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UNU and it’s best product

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UNU is doing an amazing thing. I think everybody should support them. What they were doing spreading and amazing electrical scooter that allows people to travel without using any fossil fuels. Without polluting at all. Pollution is a major problem in the world today and it’s something that is hard to take action and doing. It’s hard to live without creating excess waste. This is a good way to cut that down. If you live in a city, specifically in Germany or around Germany, I would be getting one of these right away. I really hope that they make their way across the sea, because I would love to have one myself. Basically, they run a battery that you can charge through your wall. If you are running solar electricity or anything like that, and using that electricity these can be completely carbon neutral. There’s too much carbon in the environment, and if we can cut away from our exhaust pollution comma we will have a better world, and we will be leaving a better world for our children and their children, it cetera. So I think that it is necessary that we start taking measures to impact the way that we are impacting the world, and buying one of these scooters and using it as our vehicle would be an amazing way to start. Unfortunately, they are only effective in the city, but if you were living in the city, I would be crunching the numbers. It is possible that buying one of these could be more affordable than public transit over a year, and certainly more affordable than a car that uses gas…. Wish I could elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)



Hiring Full Time vs Part Timer

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Why would I ever hire full-time software staff, or an IT department, in this day and age? I don’t know why I did it, but sometimes I do regret it. When I look at how my small business is just hardly managing to break even, and I see how many of my resources are being devoted to such a large full-time staff, well not comparatively large, but for a small business like my little Boutique, it is quite substantial, I guess I wonder why I am paying so much for software experts when what I do actually has nothing to do with software. Does that make sense? I mean, every business needs technology experts at their disposal, but do we really need to pay them a full-time wage I’ve been doing this without question, until I met other small business owners who thought that my Approach was ludicrous…  Can you imagine? The most common way of doing business in a certain aspect of running an organisation has become completely absurd to new business owners. Time move fast, and sometimes I wonder if I seriously shot myself in the foot by reading old business books that were recommended to me by mentors and former business people that I had been allied with. It seems that business is Shifting at an all-time high, and things like IT outsourcing seem to be solutions that not only cut costs but can also raise quality. That is a serious amount of value that can be created by making a simple shift. To not have to pay an employee and less there is pertinent work that needs to be done in their department is something that would have been unimaginable 10 years ago. As far as I knew, at least, but I guess I’ve always been a little bit behind the times when it comes to these technological sorts of exploits. I guess I am just lucky to be a small business owner in this time and place. I’m lucky that new Solutions keep coming my way, but I think that I will continue to keep my staff the way they are for now. There is no price that can be put on camaraderie and healthy work environment, and luckily that is what I have now, and I’m going to maintain it. The last thing that I think anyone would recommend is destroying a productive environment for the sake of pinching just a couple of pennies

Types of Beacon Protocols

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There is actually more than one criteria of classifying beacons. First, beacons can be classified on the basis of their type of Beacon protocol. Secondly, they can be classified on their location technology. Last but not least, you can also classify beacons based on their power solution. Before you choose beacons that best suit your business, you should understand the various types that exist in the market.

When you narrow down to the types of beacons based on their Beacons protocols, here are the ones that exist.

  1. iBeacon (Apple)

Apple launched iBeacon in 2013, and it was the first beacon protocol to be available in the market. iBeacon works with Apple’s iOS, and it also do work on Google’s Android provided you have the app or when it’s running on the background. Using the protocol, the beacon transmits a UUID, which is simply a string of 24 numbers that communicate effectively with an installed Mobile App.

Advantages of using iBeacon

  • Performs effectively on Apple’s iOS
  • Extensively supported
  • Implementation is very simple and easy
  1. Eddystone (Google)

In July 2015, Google announced Eddystone, which was formerly known as UriBeacon. Eddystone help beacons to transmit three different frame types that work with both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. A single beacon is able to transmit one, two or all the three frame-types. The three frame-types include:


A URL is simply a website link that is transmitted to the device and eliminates the need for a mobile device to install an app.


The sensor and administrative data that comes from the beacon is communicated via telemetry.


A UID is a 16-digit string of characters that is capable of identifying the individual beacon. This UID, which is similar to Apple’s UUID, is capable of activating an installed Mobile App.

Advantages of using Eddystone

  • Reliable performance on both iOS and Android
  • Installed app and Telemetry information are not necessary because it can send out URL
  • It integrates effectively with other Google products
  1. AltBeacon (Radius Networks)

In July 2014, Radius Networks announced AltBeacon. Radius Network designed this open source protocol to help overcome the issues of any protocol favoring one vendor over the other.

Advantages of using AltBeacon

  • The beacon protocol is compatible with other mobile operating systems
  • Offers more flexibility especially with a customizable source code